Fly a Kite For Sight

A short time outside each day may help reduce the incidence of Near Sightedness (Myopia).

Near Sightedness is a common vision problem where people see very well on the written page or electronic device but distant objects are blurred.

Evidence shows that sunlight has special properties beneficial to eye health. Specifically that sunshine helps protect young eyes against Near Sightedness, a common problem in children.

Although the quality of light and nutrition also play roles in eye health, it is important that we spend a little time outside each day. This is best done in the morning to avoid eye and skin damage caused by excess exposure to UV light.

LEHP has launched a Fly a Kite for Sight initiative - to bring awareness to the importance of children spending time outside.

What better way to spend time outside than Flying a Kite!

Step 1  Get club members, family and friends involved

Step 2  Download Kite Template and Instructions

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Step 3  Capture the moment on camera 

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For an Invitation to Schools and Pre-Schools click image below:

Further Information

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